Pillar Point, an ethereal melancholy electro pop project that deals with themes of heartbreak, loneliness, aging and isolation in an increasingly connected world is a major departure for Scott Reitherman, best known for his work in indie pop band Throw Me the Statue

“Dreaming,” the latest single off Pillar Point’s self-titled full-length bears a similarity to the album’s first single “Echoes,” as it consists of languid synths and Reitherman’s distracted, detached falsetto reminiscent of James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. However, the latest single is increasingly ethereal, moody and yet very dreamy – the swirling electronics evoke a sense of floating away from it all. 

The official video, directed by Jacob Krupnick of WIld Combination, features dancer Daisuke from the film Girl Walk//All Day and is shot in midtown Manhattan and in a snowy farm upstate, is shot in an equally languid and gorgeous slow motion that emphasizes the dreamy quality of the song. But I suspect that there will be many of you who wish you can just go against the stream of hapless office drones on their way to their cubicles.