Recently it seems as though a great deal of my life as a blogger involves email – that’s right, checking, writing, responding and receiving email. But that’s not a terrible thing; if anything, it means that people actually see this site as more than just some insane labor of love. And that in itself is wonderful. 

In any case, last night I received an email about a new band, which I think many of you will dig. Inspired by the likes of WilcoColdplay, Radiohead, Phoenix, and Mutemath, the Cape Coral, FL quartet of Jesus Nunez (vocals, guitar), Nick George (bass), Isai Jesse Orozco (percussion) and Dan Farias (percussion and guitar) formed Supros in 2013. “Hush” is the quartet’s debut single and it’s the sort of upbeat, summery pop tune you’d expect to hear at a big outdoor music festival. And as soon as you hear it, you can’t help but dance and shout along. 

Sonically, the song is a radio-friendly pop song but unlike most radio-friendly pop these days, it comes from a very sincere place since at the end of the day, it’s actually a very sweet love song. But interestingly, production-wise the track reminds me a little bit of St. Lucia in the sense that “Hush” manages to feel airy and yet is very dense – there’s a lot going on in the background. And it has Grobler’s uncanny knack for a catchy hook.