Released last week through London-based label, squareglass, Eyes Shut is the debut EP from up-and-coming London-based producer, electronic music artist and DJ Junk. The material on Eyes Shut reportedly draws from Junk’s classical training, natural and electronic sounds, and employs the use of natural sounds with swirling, gently layered and atmospheric electronics and delicate samples, as you’ll hear on the EP’s latest single “Eyes Shut (Zulu Remix).” Additionally, you’ll hear twinkling keys, brief and warm blasts of saxophone, and the gossamer vocals of Amy Spencer, best known for her work with Leik. 

Comprised of layers of shimmering and undulating synths, brief blasts of horns, rapid-fire percussion paired with the vocals of vocalist Amy Spencer, best known as one half of the electronic duo Leik, the Zulu Remix of “Eyes Shut” manages to subtly channel the work of Octo Octa’s Between Two Selves and ShamsPiano Cloud, the song has a minimalist feel; however, it has manages to possess a warm and ethereal feel and an underlying tension between a rapid-paced dance song and a downtempo electronic composition, as the song twists, turns and morphs about its axis. 

Certainly, for a debut effort, “Eyes Shut” reveals Junk to be an incredibly assured, up-and-coming producer with a sound that nods at the cosmic and psychedelic while being warm and earthy. And it reveals that Zulu is a great remixer worthy of your attention.