Simon Green is a British producer, DJ and electronic music artist who has been a rather important part of the global electronic music for the better part of past decade, as he released his first single under the moniker of Bonobo back in the late 90s.

With the release of his self-produced, self-arranged debut full-length effort, Animal Magic, Green quickly established himself as one of the major figures of the burgeoning downtempo electronica movement.  Although he was still producing downtempo electronica, Green’s fourth album as Bonobo displayed a remarkable growth in his production and his overall sound as he started to include the use of gamelan, as well as elements of Afrobeat and Middle Eastern music. And in some way that increasingly expansive s approach inspired his fifth full-length effort The North Borders, an album that employed the use of electronics paired with live orchestration, creating slowly unfurling, gorgeous compositions that are both cinematic and intimate.

Interestingly, The North Borders also was part of a growing trend among electronic music artists and producers to not only reveal their true musical chops but also their collective desire to create an evocative, nuanced sound that required more than a guy tapping away at a sampler and a laptop. 

After two years of touring to support The North Borders, Green will be releasing the Flashlight EP through Ninja Tune Records on December. And “Pelican,” the EP’s second single much like EP title track “Flashlight” retains the downtempo feel and vibe Green has been known for, complete with skittering percussion, shimmering and undulating synths, swirling electronics, hot flashes of cymbal, four-on-the-floor style drums and a decidedly house music sensibility.