Since their debut in 2010, the Chicago, IL-based quartet of Secret Colours  have developed a reputation across Chicago’s psych rock scene, and across the nation’s psych rock scene for a sound that is heavily influenced by 60s psych rock and 90s shoegazer Brit pop. Brian Deck, who has worked with the likes of Modest Mouse, Gomez, Iron and Wine, and others was enlisted to produced the quartet’s latest effort, Peach, essentially refining the band’s sound. In some way, the band’s latest single, “Blackbird (Only One)” owes a great debt to surfer rock, and to the sounds of the Stone Roses. In other words, it’s trippy as hell. 

The official video was recently released and it’s a fucked up mix of Natural Born Killers and Bonnie and Clyde, compete with murderous cross dressers, tons of gun play, a kidnapping and tons of peaches (which is quite fitting as it’s a play on their latest album’s title – Peach).