Since their formation in 2011, the Seattle, WA-based electro pop act Nightmare Fortress, comprised of  Alicia Amiri (vocals), Colin Roper (synths), Blair Field (synths), and Cassidy Gonzales (guitar), along with production from Erik Blood, best known for his work with Shabazz Palaces, THEESatisfaction and Crypts have developed a reputation for crafting a pop sound that leans heavily towards the ominous and anxious. 

“No Exit,” the latest single form the quartet’s latest effort, the recently released The Wanting is an eerily cinematic track consisting of gently cascading and undulating synths, angular guitar chords and propulsive drumming paired with Amiri’s seductively crooned vocals floating over the mix. Yes, the track is danceable and possesses a tight, infectious hook but it also is an extremely cinematic track that reminds me quite a bit of Giorgio Moroder’s soundtrack work and of Umberto, as it makes to evoke a chilly tension – you can literally envision a chase scene in which the protagonist is desperately trying to escape from a relentless. psychotic villain.