Singer/songwriter and bassist Jennie Vee grew up as “the goth girl” in a small Ontario town. And as the story goes, she Vee had pen pals, who had changed the course of her life, when they introduced her to the Manchester post-punk scene. Sometime later,  the Canadian musician left her small town and spent time living in England and Nashville before finally settling in NYC. After spending the better part of a year living much like a hermit, writing and recording in her home studio, Vee played her first solo gig last May. And as a result of a sound that draws from 80s post-punk and from shoegaze, Vee has received quite a bit of attention across the music industry – she’ll be part of the touring backing bands for Courtney Love and Lana Del Rey over the summer, and she caught the attention of Grammy-winning producer Chris Lord-Alge, who has worked with Bruce Springsteen, Green Day and Stevie Nicks. and has remixed Vee’s single “Wicked.” 

Interestingly, her stints in Courtney Love’s and Lana Del Ray’s backing bands come at a rather opportune time, as Vee will be releasing her sophomore EP, Spying. The latest single off Spying is a slinkily seductive yet gauzy, shoegazer version of Echo and the Bunnymen’s “Lips Like Sugar,” that manages to retain the swooning Romanticism of the original. Personally, I think that listening to Vee’s cover should remind us of how fucking sexy the original version actually is, as it describes the narrator’s object of attention as the most desirably woman in the entire world. Interestingly, Vee’s cover also reveals that well-written songs are truly timeless and that “Lips Like Sugar” could have easily been written and released today as much as it could have been in 1986. 

The recently released official video channels the spirit of the original video as it features black and white sequences of Vee and her backing band playing the song and vamping – but mixed with psychedelic images of flowers in various degrees of bloom shot in super saturated color and of Vee on Lower Manhattan/Brooklyn rooftop.