Singer/songwriter Kris Gruen has grown up surrounded by music, as his father Bob Gruen is the renowned rock photographer.  As a singer/songwriter, he’s developed his own reputation for writing lyrics that are thought-provoking, slyly ironic and quite satirical. On “Company Man,” which features Sean Hayes and Anais Mitchell, Gruen reveals how silly working and soul sucking working for the man is, especially when there’s no security whatsoever. Sonically, the track has a gentle country twang that belies folk music’s thoughtfulness and pointed messages. 

The track appears on his recently released latest album, New Comics from the Wooded World which The Portland Tribune recently described as possessing a sound that “belongs to the hours before dawn, right when you wake up too early and you aren’t quite sure to what to think.” Indeed, in some way it has a laconic, dreamy feel. 

Gruen is performing a special, free show at the American Folk Museum on the 20th at 6:30. He’s quite a talent and it may be worthwhile to catch him.