Sinkane primarily consists of Ahmed Gollab, a Brooklyn-based Sudanese ex pat and his frequent collaborator and childhood friend Greg Lofaro. Along with bandmates jaytram (drums), Ish Montgomery (bass) and Jonny Lam (guitar), Sinkane have developed a reputation for crafting a slickly produced, danceable synth pop that manages to be sensual and nods back to the sounds of Gollab’s native Sudan. And in some way, Sinkane’s approach and sound may firmly place them in the emerging Afro-futurist movement with the likes of Kenya’s Just A Band and others. 

DFA Records recently released Gollab and company’s latest album, Mean Love and the album’s latest single (and video) “How We Be” is probably the most upbeat, exuberant track released to date. Centered around a groove that consists of shimmering synth chords and a sinuous bass line, the track immediately bears an uncanny resemblance to Expensive Shit/He Miss Road-era Fela Kuti; however, brief bursts of flute and guitar played with copious amounts of wah wah pedal ties the soul sound of the 70s with Fela in a way that feels utterly natural and right. 

In some way, the song evokes the excitement of getting in between the sheets with a new lover – or when you may meet a possible new flame. Suddenly, every single wonderful possibility seems to open up before your eyes. 

Directed by Nick Bentgen, the official video features Beacon, New York‘s Beacon’s Finest Step Team. a jooker from Memphis, TN who had moved to NYC the week of the video’s shooting, and two parkour fanatics. And as you see these incredibly gifted young people move to Sinkane’s slinky groove, you’ll notice that the video is sweet love letter to the city I love so very dearly.