Sleepyhead formed 25 years ago in a basement room at the Brittany Dorms on the NYU campus, and throughout their history they have had minor lineup changes, which have resulted in changes in their overall sound; however, if there’s one constant within the band, it’s the relationship between founding members Rachael McNally and Chris O’Rourke, who relocated to the Boston area some time ago. 

Interestingly, over the past decade or so the members of Sleepyhead have managed the difficult tightrope of having families and careers with being musicians — for example, Chris O’Rourke is a fourth grade teacher and the father of two. Their latest effort, Wild Sometimes is particularly wistful as it largely focuses on very adult concerns — the difficult balance we all make between our passions, our responsibilities and our obligations; the fear of getting old before we’re ready to accept it; and in a hopeful sense, the material suggests that even as we get older, we can still be cool in our own way. 

The album’s latest single “Life Is Hard” much like the album’s first single “Liberation Theology” will most likely bring you back to the early 90s and catching videos on MTV’120 Minutes as “Life Is Hard" bears a resemblance to both the Breeders and the Pixies –thanks to the jangling guitars, pretty harmonizing between O’Rourke and McNally and a breezy feel that belies some rather thoughtful lyrics. At the heart, the song accurately captures the contradictions and ironies of adult life, as it suggest life doesn’t get easy –although it can’t be denied that making a living off art is pretty awesome. There’s something sweet and it manages it’s look at adulthood with a wistful smirk. 

Speaking of wistful smirk, the video actually uses the band member’s kids to portray the band as children and it’s frankly adorable.