So thanks to YouTube, I was able to find U2 Go Home – Live at Slane Castle, although sadly, I still haven’t been able to find Under a Blood Red Sky. This footage was shot in 2006, so you’ll hear songs from almost every U2 album up until All That You Can’t Leave Behind

There are a couple of things that make this particular concert pretty special to me. At one point Bono introduces the band and their first ever single, as he might have done back in 1979 or so – as a band from North Dublin, by the name of U2. He then goes on to say, “this is our first single, and we really hope you like it.” And he shouts out the high schools where each member of U2 went when the band was formed. In some way, almost every single band in the world has had that same exact moment, and it was kind of cool that U2 recognized it. Also before “Kite,” Bono shares a story about the Edge’s and his dad that’s sweet and rather poignant – I think we can all see the image of both of their fathers stumbling around drunk up Madison Avenue, and signing like wild men. Also at the end of “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” Bono calls out the names of all of the victims who died during the attacks that inspired one of the band’s greatest songs. I think that’s a very powerful moment. 

It’s a pretty impressive concert, and I think y’all will enjoy it.