Some time ago, Ross Politti (of Carnivores) offered to record and produce a project that Grace Bellury (of Lille) had been working on for some time. What had started as a seemingly one time collaboration soon evolved into something much more ambitious when Bellury and Politti recognized that they were perfect musical counterpoints to each other — Bellury’s ethereal vocals just seem to work perfectly with Politti’s angular, buzzing, goth-inspired guitar.And at that moment, the duo’s newest project, Del Venicci was born. 

As they began Del Venicci, Politti and Bellury recruited fellow Atlantans Jonathan Mereinvitch (Janelle MonaeDog Bite) on bass and Tyler Walters (the Clap) on drum to flesh out the band, once Politti and Bellury had written the material that would end up on their debut effort, Haunted Hall.  "Contagion,“ one of the first singles off the album was a hazily psychedelic and noisy song with a seductive, 60s-inspired melody underneath the clang and clatter.  In an odd way, the song bore an uncanny resemblance to Siouxsie and the Banshees – but under the influence of hallucinogens. 

Album title track, "Haunted Hell” employs the use of synths and drum machine and has Grace Bellury seductively cooing through the haze, like a siren. Politti’s guitar manages to sound otherworldly – chords seem to bend and twist at weird, distorted angles, as though they were recorded on ward analog tape. And the official music video manages to evoke that feeling as it has the members of the band sitting in a cab, as haze and white noise takes over the screen.