Splashh, a London-based quartet by way of Australia can claim their origins from lead vocalist and guitarist Sasha Carlson’s love of traveling. Carlson had met the Australian guitarist/keyboardist Toto Vivian while on a trip and they bounded over their shared love of life and music. After spending a summer hanging out in Byron Bay, New Zealand, the duo had a batch of songs. Carlson and Vivian then decided to move on to London’s East End – permanently. They then enlisted Thomas Neal on bass, and then they self-recorded songs and even booked a show when they recognized that they had one major problem – they didn’t have a drummer. Fellow New Zealander Jacob Moore had flown in to London and became the band’s drummer. 

Naming, their band after a beloved swim park in New Zealand – and adding the extra H to avoid a lawsuit, the band’s sound on “Sun Kissed Bliss” which appears on their forthcoming debut effort, Comfort has the laconic, dreamy feel of hanging out on a lazy summer day while sounding extremely reminiscent of Bleeding Rainbow and strangely enough, Liz Phair’s “Supernova." 

The band will be touring to support their debut effort and it’ll include stops in Nashville,TN; Atlanta, GA; Jacksonville, FL; Richmond, VA; Chapel HIll, NC; Washington, DC; Pittsburgh, PA; and it’ll include an April 22nd stop at the Bowery Ballroom