Stones Throw Records has quickly become one of my favorite labels, as it’s the label home to some of my favorite contemporary emcees including – Homeboy Sandman, Guilty Simpson, and Jonwayne. Naturally, each emcee has a completely different flow and lyrical concerns but what I love about Jonwayne besides his gravelly, seemingly disaffected vocals is that he manages to come up with allusions and analogies that are frighteningly surreal, visceral and pretty fucking genius. 

His latest effort Rap Album One was released late last year, and the first two singles were quickly released in anticipation – the first single off the album, “The Come Up, Part 1” features a collaboration with Scoop Deville, with whom Jonwayne collaborated with in Digital Diamonds with Chuck Inglish. After recording several tracks for Rap Album One, Deville publicly swore off working with Kendrick LamarSnoop Dogg or anyone else so that he could work with Jonwayne for the next year. And when you hear the “The Come Up” you’ll hear the result of a rather fruitful collaboration between like minds. More importantly, it’s real hip hop — a talented emcee spitting over an insanely soulful, dope ass beat.

The “Come Up, Part 2” has Jonwayne spitting his lyrics over a glitchy, minimalist beat, punctuated with finger snaps  that creates an eerily anxious feel. By the bridge, he rhymes over vocal effects that turn the song into a trippy, fucked up LSD trip of a song. 

The official video for both “The Come Up Part 1” and “The Come Up Part 2” have a very basic premise – the first part focuses on Jonwayne rhyming in a minimalist white room; the second part has Jonwayne’s face and facial features being distorted through the use of different lenses and off focus shots, and Jonwayne poking his head through an aluminum-looking shield thing.