Susanne Sundfor is a Oslo, Norway-based singer/songwriter who pursued music rather late. She first got singing lessons when she was 12 and joined acclaimed Norwegian act Hypertext 5 years ago; but it wasn’t until after the release of her third full-length effort, The Brothel which wound up being a critical and commercial success in her homeland that she felt that she had found a signature sound – a hauntingly gorgeous and orchestrated sound that bears a vague resemblance to Kate Bush, Tori Amos and others.

Her latest album, Ten Love Songs is slated for a February 16 release and the album reportedly is the most pop-orientated album she has released to date as it draws from the influence of M83, Royskopp, Jaga Jazzist, and the Trondheimsolistene Chamber Ensemble – all of which Sundfor has collaborated with at some point.

“Delirious” one of the forthcoming album’s singles is a brooding synth-based pop song that sounds as though it could have been a B-side to a Kate Bush or Peter Gabriel album but paired with Sundfor’s quivering yet ethereal vocals. Recently Richard X remixed the single – and in his remix, he retains Sundfor’s vocals but pairs it with layers of cascading synths, propulsive drum programming, essentially turning the song into a club-banging house music jam.