Beacon’s debut For Now EP was a hauntingly ominous album that manages to burrow into the dark places of regret, temptation and obsession with an extremely minimalist form of modern R&B and electronica — it’s an anxious, fever dream of an album. As a result, For Now landed at number 7 on this site’s Best of 2012 behind the co-number 1s Cody ChesnuTT’s Landing on a Hundred, and Lee “Scratch” Perry and the Orb’The ORBSERVER in the star house; Bear in Heaven’I Love You It’s Cool at 2; The Funk Ark’High Noon at number 3; Steven A. Clark’s Fornication Under Consent of the King at number 4; Strong Arm Steady’s Stereotype EP and House of Blondes‘ Clean Cuts at co-number 5; and Yakamanta//Sonic Titan’YT//ST at number 6. As a debut effort, Beacon’s really made an impression on me. 

The Ways We Separate is the duo’s debut full-length, and it was released through Ghostly International on April 30th. “Drive,“ the latest single from the album manages a complex array of emotions – it’s icy and menacingly anxious, full of deep seated regret and yet it’s seductive.. 

The official video was recently release for the single, and it takes some familiar R&B video tropes but darker, smokier, as though it’s the after result of a 4am escapade.