Taylor McFerrin is a Brooklyn-based producer, composer and DJ whose musical style has been heavily influenced by 60s and 70s soul, golden era hip-hop, free jazz and electronica. On his own work. McFerrin not only plays all the instruments, he also relies on modern production techniques – usually sampling and chopping up live instrument takes to create a constantly shifting audio landscape. 

“Decisions” featuring the Grammy-nominated vocalist Emily King is the latest single off McFerrin’s forthcoming full-length debut, Early Riser is a slick but icy production comprised of swirling electronics and glitchy breakbeats, futuristic-sounding synths, with King’s seductive vocals cracking the ice’s surface. Bearing a resemblance to the likes of Dream Koala, Steven A. Clark and others, the track obviously displays a modern sensibility; however, there are subtle allusions and nods to old school soul throughout the lyrics – at one point King sings about “ribbons in the sky” and i couldn’t help but think of the great Stevie Wonder song, among other references.