The Brazilian-born and currently Bern, Switzerland-based vocalist Mariana Da Cruz teamed up with a backing quartet have over the course of three previously released albums to craft a sound that meshes several different genres – namely disco, funk dancehall, Kuduro, New Wave, Samba, indie rock and electronica, all while evoking the sound of contemporary Brazil, a country long known for being incredibly tolerant and for it’s electric mixture of cultures of Da Cruz’s native country. 

The band’s fourth album, the two disc effort Disco e Progresso was conceived as a way to adequately and properly reflect the thoughts, hearts and emotions of contemporary Brazil – so as Da Cruz has mentioned in pre-press one album, the light album, will evoke the easy-going, free-flowing party vibe of her native land; while the second disc, the dark album, will be in many ways that soundtrack to a riot. 

“Bola da Discoteca,” the first single and video from the new album is an incredibly funky party song, perfectly suited for the club. The introductory section sounds as though it owes a debt to LCD Soundsystem’s “Be Innocuous” off Sound of Silver before turning into a horn-based, old school 70s disco tune. it’s fun as hell and if you don’t get up and dance to it, you have no soul.