The British electronica duo of Plaid just released their tenth full-length effort, Reachy Prints through Warp Records the other day, and the album is heavily inspired by both consciousness and memory – or more specifically what role memories play in the imaginative process. As both members have mentioned in interviews to promote the album, “we saw prints as physical memories and an equivalence between printing and memory function. They often share the aim of ‘reproducing’ a subject as accurately as possible. Experience told us that a perfect reproduction is difficult, if not impossible.” Naturally, they were attracted to exploring the fallibility of reproduction and a curiosity in the potential inaccuracies of reproducing anything based on memory. (Deep stuff, right?)

“Wallet,” the first single from the recently released album is inspired by the random items you’d find in just about anyone’s wallets – receipts, business cards, photos and the symbolism of wallets as a safe place to store items we value and want to remember. What will happen in the future once money and most of the other contents of our wallets become digitized? Perhaps our phones will become much like the our wallets? 

The single consists of a gently pulsating wave of skittering synths that build up in intensity but they still manage an icy, futuristic feel. And it’s bolstered by swirling electronics and a propulsive drum beat – in some way it bears a resemblance to both trance and drum ‘n’ bass as the single manages a subtle variety throughout.