The Buenos Aires-based Juana Molina has developed a reputation for a restless experimentalism throughout her career. Her latest effort, Wed 21 which Crammed Discs Records released a few months ago was written and conceived in Molina’s studio — and the material employs the use of electric guitar, bass, drums and electronics to help create a densely layered, intricately nuanced sound that is challenging and yet manages to have something of a pop sensibility to it. “Eras,” the first single off the album bore an uncanny resemblance to the Talking Heads in the sense that it’s gloriously odd but with subtle elements of Latin percussion and the breeziness of Brazilian and Argentinian music.

“Sin Guia No,” is densely layered and of course consists of layers of electric guitar, bass, drums and swirling electronics and although it’s as breezy as “Eras”, the song manages to convey a sense of the sense of modern anxiety and dread, much like Radiohead. It’s an extremely weird and yet compelling song that draws you into a very surreal world while leaving an inescapably lingering presence. 

The official video is suitably surreal and features an extended sequence involves a tribal Amazonian ritual and a mythical anthropomorphic creature in the Amazon, while capturing the stunning beauty of that region of the world.