The Chicago-based duo of Greta Rochelle and Jack Armando formed My Gold Mask around their mutual love of Italian Giallo cinema, a genre of cinema closely related to American pulp crime and mystery movies, and the dimly-lit warehouse district of their hometown where their rehearsal space is located. And although, their 2009 self-titled, full-length debut was fairly well received  as it drew some comparisons to Siouxsie and the Banshees. And in once instance was described as “futuristic gypsy shit.” However, it was the band’s sophomore effort, Leave Me Midnight which increased their profile nationally.

Assisted by engineer and long-term collaborator Balthazar del Ley, the sound the band created on their sophomore effort seems heavily influenced by Phil Spector’s famous “wall of sound” production of the 60s – layers upon layers of instrumentation but with cascading, swirling reverb that creates the impression of a band playing behind a stack of amplifiers that would make Led Zeppelin envious, in an abandoned (and possibly dilapidated) church, a gigantic warehouse or in the middle of Grand Central Terminal. Interestingly, because of their moody atmospherics, the band’s sound may remind some folks – albeit, dimly – of Caveman, as it’s gorgeous yet manages a stormy and insistent forcefulness.

Over the past year or so since the release of Leave Me Midnight, My Gold Mask has released a few singles which reflect a subtle change in their sound – they’ve retained the moody, atmospheric and the enormous room-filling sound; however, their sound is purposely processed, adding an additional glossy layer of reverb and other effects to their sound. In some way it makes their sound even more futuristic and hypnotic as you’ll hear on their latest single “Explode" – yes, futuristic gypsy shit, indeed but it manages to explode into a burst of sound right out of the gate.