The Confluence EP may be an apt name for maticulous’s latest EP recently released by Fat Beats Records. You see, the Brooklyn-based producer is originally from Pittsburgh, PA  – and if you know your geography, you know that Pittsburgh lies at the confluence of the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio rivers. What makes this project interesting is that Maticulous teams up with some of his old hometown’s most talented emcees and the result is an EP that mixes big, boom bap beats, chilled out funk and soul with emcees spitting lyrics that can be both funny and conscious. Much like the work of Audible Doctor and the Brown Bag AllStars, this EP should bring to mind the days of hip hop’s golden age. And much like hop hop’s greatest albums, this one takes the concept of being an album seriously – it plays as a seamless and organic whole, in a way that’s sadly quite rare these days. 

I’ll keep saying this to you dear readers, especially the few of you who have told me that “hip hop is dead” or that “hip hop isn’t relevant like it once was.” You’re dead wrong – dead fucking wrong. Real hip hop is alive and it’s relevant but you have to make a concerted effort to find it because the mainstream super conglomerate radio stations are force feeding the listening public meaningless bullshit. And this album is real hip hop. Enjoy it.