The duo (and cousins) behind Painted Palms, Reese Donahue and Christopher Prudhomme have almost always used the Internet — at first out of necessity, and later out of preference — to collaborate on their songwriting. When Donahue moved to San Francisco, CA, Prudhomme remained near New Orleans, LA requiring the duo to send song ideas back and forth via email, a virtual exchange that was behind the creation of their debut effort, Canopy (which was coincidentally discovered by of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes). 

After tours with of Montreal, BRAIDSSTRFKR and others, Prudhomme moved out west to join his cousin in San Francisco — and yet the duo continued to collaborate via Internet, sharing ideas via email. And on the band’s debut full-length effort, Forever it would be difficult to tell that the material came from piecing and stitching parts together. The album’s latest single “Spinning Signs” bears a resemblance to very early Depeche Mode and