The last few days have been exceptionally busy as I had the opportunity to catch the legendary reggae artist and producer, Lee “Scratch” Perry and Subatomic Sound System at Brooklyn Bowl last night, and I’ve had some work-related issues at my day job. Such is the life of a busy music blogger – with a legitimate day job, eh? 

But let’s get to the business at hand …

Originally comprised of Andrew Gabbard (guitar and vocals), Zachary Gabbard (bass and guitar) and Joseph Sebaali (drums), the members of the Cincinnati, OH-based band Buffalo Killers formed after the breakup of their previous band, Thee Shams. After the release of their self-titled debut, the band won the attention of The Black Crowes’ vocalist Chris Robinson, who had invited the then-trio to open for Black Crowes. And while on tour, the trio wrote half of the material that would appear on their sophomore effort, Let it Ride and had The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach join them in the studio.  

With the addition of Sven Kahns on steel lap guitar and guitar, the Buffalo Killers’ forthcoming fourth album, Fireball of Sulk will see a November 25 release. And the first single from the new album, “Marshmallow Mouth” is comprised of the sort of dirgey power chords that I can remember hearing from Seattle, circa 1991 – i.e., Soundgarden and Alice in Chains; in fact, “Marshmallow Mouth” manages to capture a similar anxious and dark mood.