The legendary (and shamefully only two time Grammy-winning) LL Cool J will be releasing his 14th full length album, Authentic through 429 Records/The Savoy Music Group/Fontana North Distribution on April 30th. if you watched this year’s Grammies, you would have seen LL Cool J perform one of the singles from his forthcoming album, “Whaddup” with Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine; Chuck D of Public Enemy, Travis Barker of Blink 182 and DJ Z-Trip. The other single from the album, “Take It,” has LL teaming up with Joe for yet another one of LL’s tracks that will probably get a number of pairs of panties wet. (Interestingly, this track kind of reminds me of the formula he’s done so well since “I Need Love” and “Round the Way Girl." 

I’m curious as to what you think of this song. Is it hot or not?