The Los Angeles-based quartet of Dorothy, named after their founder and lead vocalist have become blogosphere sensations for a sound that employs elements of riff-heavy 60s and 70s rock, the blues, glam rock, hip hop and soul music – and in a fashion that channels the likes of The Black Keys, Dirty Ghosts but with a sleazier, bluesier feel.

If you’ve been following JOVM for some time now, you’d likely be familiar with the Los Angeles-based quartet. And as I’ve mentioned about the band’s third single “Wicked Ones,” the song continues the band’s reputation for crafting a sleazy, blues and soul-based rock sound with a glam rock swagger.

The recently released official video is comprised of segments of the band performing the song in what looks like a brothel or a dirty, sleazy club, spliced with segments of the band participating in sinful behavior – gambling, drinking, hints at sexual deviancy and strange, seemingly pagan rituals. Sounds like my kind of night, to be honest! But seriously, the song unabashedly kicks ass and takes names.