The Los Angeles-based trio of Liars have a long-held reputation for defying expectations at every single turn of their careers, and for a sound that has been at times purposely challenging. WIXIW, which landed at number 21 on this site’s Best of 2012 was an album comprise of material that left a lingering anxious, unease thanks to a sparse, minimalist production style. However, the trio’s recently released, seventh full-length album, Mess is the schizophrenic antithesis of WIXIWAs Angus Andrew has admitted in interviews, the studio sessions for the album were “instinctual, fun, and confident.” And as you’ll hear on “Mess On A Mission,” the first single off the new album, Mess has the band playing with a purposeful, balls-out sense of abandon that feels primal, fun and as though it could rock a large club. 

The official video which was co-produced by Urban Outfitters as part of their continuing Video Series and directed by Luis Cerveero is fittingly absurd as it captures the band’s movements from four different angels against a green screen that has the band fighting off monsters, sacrificial tribal rituals and a disturbingly real looking. As Angus Andrew has mentioned in a video diary about the video, Andrew felt that Cervero’s treatment “immediately stood out," because "he” [Cervero] “was really fascinated by idea that nowadays, in filmmaking, you can no longer tell what’s real and what isn’t” Facts are facts and fiction’s fiction? Or maybe both simultaneously?