The members of the Seattle, WA-based quartet of Jupe Jupe are veterans of both Seattle’s and Austin’s indie pop and prog rock scenes as members of Pleasurecraft, the Cinematics (U.S.), Maximum Coherence During Flying. Before they teamed up with producer, Martin Feveryear, who has worked with R.E.M., Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse and others) at Jupiter Studios the band spent two years writing the material that wound up becoming their forthcoming effort, Crooked Kisses, which is slated for a March 4th release. 

“Pieces of You” is the first single off the new album and it’s a slick piece of indie electro pop that’s reminiscent of several familiar bands – think of bands in the mold of New Order, the Killers, Interpol. In other words, angular guitars, clean, shimmering synths and a sinuous bass line.