The members of the Swedish electro pop act, the Knife had been on a lengthy hiatus, so when Mute Records announced that they would be releasing Shaking the Habitual, the band’s first album in several years, it was highly anticipated among both the blogosphere and their fans. Their latest album is reportedly their most politically charged work the band has recorded to date – the material is heavily informed by gender studies, queer studies, feminism and others. 

Recently, the band enlisted the help of DFA Records’s Planningtorock to remix and reinterpret a song from their album. While listening to tracks, they were particularly moved by a line in “Full of Fire,” the first single of the album – “let’s talk about gender, baby/let’s talk about you and me.” And I can’t blame them because it’s sexy in the same fashion as Salt N’ Pepa’s “Let’s Talk About Sex.”  With a sinuous and seductive bass line, the song is a celebratory, humanistic and pulsates with desire. 

The official video was directed by the Berlin-based artist, Watch and has two pairs of disembodied lips singing the song’ s lyrics as odd, brightly colored images come across the screen. It’s surreal as hell.