The Munich, Germany-based producer and electronic music artist Justin Faust has won international attention for his remixes of Justin Timberlake’s “Like I Love You“ and Treasure Fingers andThe Knocks’ “My Body” — both of which have over 100,000 listens. He’s also won international attention for his original work, including singles such as “Space Rhumba” and “Movin’ On." 

And as a result, his soon-to-released full-length debut, Spellbound has been much-anticipated among those who religiously follow EDM. Album title track and first single “Spellbound” is comprised of layers of shimmering synths, propulsive and tribal-like drums, futuristic bleeps and bloops, a looped vocal sample and throbbing bass — in other words, it seems like a prototypical club banger; however, it’s much deeper than that. The song manages to posses a cosmic glow that actually reminds me a little bit of The Chemical Brothers’ “Come With Us” and “Star Guitar,” if subtly filtered through the house stylings of Shit Robot’s “We Got A Love“ feat. Reggie Watts and equally as trippy. 

NTEIBINT recently remixed Faust’s "Spellbound” turns what was originally a hot disco-inspired track into a house music track with a soulful feel and a slight cosmic glow, thanks to thick syrupy sheets of synths, glitchy vocal samples, and a slowed down tempo, which emphasizes a tight groove. It’s an exceptional remix that manages to turn the song inside out, to create something altogether different while retaining some aspect of the song’s essence.