The New York-based PT Walkley has managed to walk a careful tightrope between creating music for mass entertainment and consumption, as he has composed original music and has lent his songs to national TV sports, and creating a personal, thoughtful music inspired by the blues, soul, and 70s rock – most notably, Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello

Walkley’s forthcoming full-length Shoulders (which is slated for a February 18th release)may well be among his most personal work to date as it’s heavily inspired by the emotions and thoughts of a rather bittersweet year, a year in which his friend died and his son was born. In the case of “Sirens,” one of the first singles off Shoulders, the track swings and saunters with a barroom blues – thanks to a Muscle Shoals-like horn line and backing vocalists (especially on the bridge). But the song has a crafted, thoughtful feel much like the aforementioned Elvis Costello’s work.