The Night IV is an sextet with members who hail from various places across the world including London, Birmingham, Northampton and Bogota, Colombia. “Heroine,” one of the singles off the sextet’s last EP Still Thinking of You is jangling and breezy bit of synth pop that manages to remind me of Haerts, Washed Out’s Paracosm and St. Lucia’s self-tiled EP and When The Night. In other words, the song possesses the prerequisite catchy hook but at its very core is warm, bleeding and aching heart. 

The video’s concept started off an idea that the group’s harpist and go-to visual artist Anna Pesquious had about “wanting to look closely at things, through a peephole, but also focusing on a million different things at a time.” She goes on to explain that she “wanted to show the beautiful side of something horrible. I was thinking we should be showing heroin’s attractive, seductive highs in its naivety and beauty I guess; portraying heroin stripped of judgement and the just pure initial feeling it creates . . ”

Director Toby Ross-Southall shot the video using old camera equipment, which makes the video look as though it were released in the mid 1970s. Trippy, indeed. Interestingly, the video was released as the indie pop sextet announced that they’re working on a forthcoming and currently untitled EP, which is slated for a Fall 2015 release.