The quintet of TOY, which consists of  Tom Dougall (vocals/guitar), Dominic O’Dair (guitar), Maxim Barron (bass/vocals), Alejandra Diez (synths and modulations) and Charlie Salvidge (drums/vocals), have developed a sound that manages to feel incredibly modern while paying homage to the psychedelia of the 1960s   — in other words, you’ll hear complex chord progressions played through tons of effects, enigmatic lyrics and driving Motorik grooves done in a way that makes the material sound as though have been initially recorded in 1966 and remastered using today’s techniques, as you’ll hear on Join the Dot’s latest single “As We Turn.”

The official video is appropriately psychedelic as it employs the use of old-timey filters, kaleidoscopes and even disembodied heads floating in an incredible colorful ether. It looks much like how LSD trips are described with every single detail magnified and distorted to show reveal it’s subliming beauty and surreal nature.