The Sun Dogs is the latest album from Rose Windows, and it not only serves as the effort that may well put the band on the national stage, it also serves as the band’s Sub Pop Records debut. “Wartime Lovers” is one of the singles off that effort and it’s a gorgeous song that sounds as though it could have been recorded and released in 1967. And interestingly enough, the lovely Rabia Qazi’s voice reminds me quite a bit of Grace Slick – a husky, croon that manages to be sincere and kind of seductive. 

The official video which was recently released, is part of a series of videos done by Fool’s Gold, the traveling video collaboration. The concept of the collaboration is pretty interesting – production duo Jessi Southern and Christopher Vallina meet with a band, and they plan and shoot a video in 8 days. As you’ll see in this collaboration, the video uses some suitably surreal imagery. 

The band will be touring to support their new effort, and it’ll include stops in Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Spokane, WA; Des Moines, IA; Bloomington, IN; Le Poisson Rouge; Baltimore, MD; and a couple of other places.