The three core members of the Los Angeles, CA-based quartet Incan Abraham, Giuillano Pizzulo, Teddy Carafo, and Spencer Mandel have been friends since kindergarten; after all, who else should you start a band with besides your very best and longest friends, right? After the members of the band had spent college on different coasts, the band reunited at a secluded house in upstate New York, with instruments in tow — on a whim. 

“Concorde,” the first single off Tolerance is a shimmering but moody bit of indie pop with layered melodies andguitars played through gentle washes of reverb that sounds as though it owes a debt to 80s New Wave and synth pop — a little bit of The Fixx perhaps? In fact, much the some of sources that informed inspired it, the song wears its heartfelt emotion on it’s sleeve. 

The official video employs the use of astronautical/space travel motif to cover a familiar and yet very modern theme – that in a world where everyone pays attention to the shiny and novel, that it’s the present moment that means the most because it’s all we have.