The Toronto, ON-based band HSY was formed in 2011 by its founding member, the mononymous “Jude.” After two years or so, the outfit settled into its current incarnation featuring Anna (vocals, guitar), Link (bass), and Kat (drums) and retreated to the Toronto suburbs to record the material that wound up on their self-titled debut effort, an effort that was released to critical praise from some of the biggest names in the blogosphere and drew comparisons to the likes of The Melvins and Metz. 

Last year saw the band’s profile grow a bit as they released a double A side single and toured across the UK. And in a few days the band will be in Austin for SXSW (where they’ll be playing about 100 sets in about a week) – but just before they’ll head to Austin, they released a cover of Tom Waits’ “Goin’ Out West.” And what makes the cover interesting is that it manages to be a fairly straightforward cover as both the cover and the original are noisily abrasive and comprised of buzzing guitar chords and shouted vocals, evoking the sound (and feel) of metal relentlessly crashing and clanging against each other. And yet another level, the HSY cover also manages to sound as though Ministry managed to cover it – in part because of the relentless yet precise forcefulness of the drums, which gives their cover a more muscular insistence while retaining the gritty spirit and feel of the original song.