The trio of psych pop act Indianapolis Jones are something of an indie rock All Star band as Tim Smith has played with JellyfishNoel Gallagher’s High-Flying BirdsUmajets and The Producers; Nicholas Niespozdani has played with Y-O-ULimozeenYacht Rock Revue, and Please PleaseRock Me; and Jason Nackers has played with Second Shift and Constellations

Their recently released self-titled debut EP employs the use of layers upon layers of synths, earnestly sung vocals, and room shaking drums in a way that sounds extremely familiar — you’d likely compare their sound to IshiCut Copy, and countless others, as it’s slickly produced without losing it’s heartfelt sensibility.  (Interestingly, their lead vocalist’s voice has an uncanny resemblance to Incubus‘ Brandon Boyd.) 

Whereas “Loss Is The Law Of The World” was more of a slow-burning pop ballad, “Not Ghosts Yet” is reminiscent of Ishi’s Digital Wounds. In other words it’s comprised of shimmering synths, propulsive drums and sinuous bass line – it makes the song danceable and yet playful, much like it’s official video, which includes people doing double dutch with glow in the dark ropes and clothing. It’s actually kind of trippy.