Liars: Pro Anti Anti on

Throughout their careers, the Los Angeles-based act of Liars have defied expectations, often crating a sound that has been purposely challenging or just flat out weird – and with a “zero fucks given attitude,” as the kids on Twitter say these days. Their previous release, WIXIW, which landed at number 21 on this site’s Best of 2012 was an album that left a lingering anxious, unease thanks to a sparse, minimalist production style. However, the trio’s recently released, seventh full-length album, Mess is the schizophrenic antithesis of WIXIWAs Angus Andrew has admitted in interviews, the studio sessions for the album were “instinctual, fun, and confident.”

“Pro Anti Anti,” the latest single off Mess continues what first single “Mess On A Mission” started, as it shows the band playing with a balls-out abandon that feels simultaneously primal, contemporary and post-apocalyptic as the track sonically is comprised of layers of pulsating synths, room-rattling bass and drums, and swirling electronics that create a subtle sense of menace and tension – and yet, it’ll make you feel the need to jump around, shout and just fuck shit up. 

The official video which was produced by Yoonha Park manages to continue the duo’s reputation for also crafting intense audio-visual experiences for each album. And in this case, Park created sculptures of Angus Andrew and Aaron Hemphill with the help of 3D tech company Direct Dimensions and Brooklyn-based design firm New Project. The end result manages to be surreal and kind of creepy as it ends with some almost childlike willful destruction.