Throwback: Happy 56th Birthday, Eddie Vedder!

Between the ages of about 12-15 or so, Pearl Jam was among my favorite bands. I can still picture myself walking down a snowy Queens Blvd., near 75th Street with Barry Rothstein singing — more like screaming — some of our favorite songs off Vs. There was a cool thing about Barry: he loved Pearl Jam even more than me. He treated Ten with a religious devotion. And around that time, all of us were trading and borrowing tapes and CDs to burn and dub — he couldn’t be without Ten.

Today is Eddie Vedder‘s 56th birthday. Somehow, that number is a reminder that I’m also getting old. The time is fucking flying. In the meantime, Happy Birthday, Eddie! Thank you for music that saved my life when I was a lonely and unsure youngster.