Throwback: Happy 94th Birthday, B.B. King!

Today would have been the great bluesman B.B. King’s 94th birthday. More than enough ink has been spilled covering the icon’s lengthy career and his massive influence during that same period of time. I was lucky enough to have caught him twice — once with Buddy Guy opening for him at The United Palace Theatre and the second time as part of a blues festival in Manhattan’s Financial District. But I always wish I would have caught B.B. during the 1970s as a 40 and 50 something.

YouTube is a wonderful place: I came across footage of the legendary day bluesman shot in the mid 70s to early 80s — and man, does B.B. absolutely kill it. Hopefully, the footage will give you a sense of what B.B. was at the height of his playing and singing.

Of course, most important I wanted to wish B.B., a happy 94th birthday wherever he may be.