Throwback: R.I.P. Chuck Berry

Last night, I was having dinner with my mother and chatting about politics when my phone exploded with an alert that read “Rock ‘N’ Roll Great Chuck Berry Dead at 90.”  Considering that Berry had a 60+ year recording career, a ton of ink has been spilled on the man, his exploits and his music; but simply put without Chuck Berry there’s no Rolling Stones, especially since Keith Richards practically stole everything he ever knew and did from Chuck; there’s no AC/DC; there’s no Beatles (John Lennon was a huge fan of Berry’s and even played with him on at least one TV appearance in which he seemed awestruck to be in a room with Chuck); there’s no Motorhead, as Lemmy Kilmister was a huge Berry fan — in fact, there’s a picture of both men, late in both of their lives, in which Kilmister is absolutely thrilled to be in the presence of his hero; and without Chuck Berry there’s no rock ‘n’ roll. Long live rock ‘n’ roll! Long live Chuck Fucking Berry!