As I recently mentioned, a big aspect of this site has been photography of live music and other random occurrences across New York and Germany. And over an exhausting 18 month period, I focused on a daily, black and white photography project that was meant a love letter to New York and became something much more personal, which I had creatively titled The Black and White Project. 

After that had finished, I took a much needed break from shooting on a daily basis and became to focusing on much more informal shooting – mainly shooting when I felt the old itch to shoot. And honestly, it’s a much more loose and pressure-free way of shooting. 

In any case, I had some time to kill before the Painted Zeros and Elephant Stone show at Mercury Lounge back in early September when I passed a brilliant piece of graffiti that immediately captured my eye, and begged for me to shoot it. 


Gorgeous isn’t it? The color and detail are impressive. 

For this photo and the rest of the photos of the series, check out the Flickr set here: