Up and coming artist Jordan Bratton started to make waves after the releasee of last year’s The Grey Area. Building up on the momentum The Gray Area created, Bratton is putting the finishing touches on its follow up; however, in the meantime Bratton collaborated with Fool’s Good stalwart Durkin on the trippy and sensual “Must Be.” And interestingly enough, the song’s production values remind me a little bit of the likes of Steven A. Clark, Frank Ocean and others – honestly not a bad batch to be compared to in my opinion. 

Lyrically, the song’s narrator has been spending his time drinking and drugging in the desperate attempt to forget a lover, but their spectral presence remains: he can’t get his lover out of his head, and in some way he’s beginning to wonder if he’s wondering if he’s obsessed, if he’s desperately in love – or some confusing combination of the two. For many of us, the sentiment has been familiar at some point.