Victoria + Jean are a Swedish-Belgian avant-pop duo that have risen to prominence across Europe for a slinky, seductive sound based around pop melodies created by Jean’s swaggering, bluesy guitar work and Victoria’s sensual vocals which evoke an urgent, carnal desire and aching loneliness within a turn of a phrase, as you’ll hear on “Why Won’t You,” the first single off the band’s forthcoming EP, V&J.  

With the release of their full-length debut, Divine Love earlier this year, the band’s work has been a culmination of both member’s lives: constant moving around and Trans-Atlantic flights between London, Stockholm, Paris, Brussels and New York. And in some way, the result is that their material manages to seamlessly morph into something both familiar and alien – it’s clearly bluesy but doesn’t hew to traditional blues structure; it’s sleazy rock with an art school sheen yet viscerally smoldering, 

Acclaimed director Christophe Thockler was enlisted to produce the official video for “Why Won’t You” and in an interview about the video, he said “when Victoria+Jean asked me to choose a track to work with, I was immediately blown away by the powerful energy of ‘Why Won’t You,’ and fire immediately came to mind. This piece of music was a perfect playground for me to play with rhythm, stop motion fast-paced sequences, and of course, onirism & symbolism.” The end result is a video that’s memorable, striking and manages to capture the smoldering feel of the song.