VII which will see an October 1st release through Vagrant Records is the aptly titled seventh full-length effort from renowned Americana act Blitzen Trapper. What has made them beloved by both critics and fans is the fact that vocalist Eric Earley’s songs manage to unfold into fully-fleshed out stories with gorgeously rendered novelistic detail, and a deeply empathetic understanding of their narrator’s emotions and thoughts. “Ever Loved Once,” the latest song deals with the regrets of a lost love. The song’s lonely narrator realizes that he treated what may well be his great love poorly, and when he manages to run into her, she tells him that she’s moved on. Sure, it’s a common trope for love songs but it’s the small details that bring it to life: the narrator who sees  his former love walking through the swinging doors of his little honky tonk bar, and a complex and confusing array of emotions – heart-bursting love, profound regret, embarrassment and the realization that ghosts linger … sometimes throughout one’s life. 

There’s the dusty roads, neglected houses and crushing loneliness and despair of the narrator’s little town. You can picture a lonely, stormy, tumultuous life but told in a deceptively cozy, bunch of guys jamming on a Sunday afternoon. Sonically, the song bears quite an uncanny resemblance to the Band, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and others.

The band will be on a lengthy tour to support the new effort and it begins on September 17th in Omaha, NE; St. Louis, MO; Lexington, KY; Nashville, TN; Washington, DC; Hartford, CT; Music Hall of Williamsburg on October 3rd; Buffalo, NY; Toronto. ON; and countless others.