Waajeed, a founding member of the famed Detroit-based act Slum Village met Dede Reynolds and Tim K, who were working together in a duo called Dede, in a bar beneath the J train in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Eventually, the trio went off to a late-night listening session which lead to remixes and eventually original tracks as Tiny Hearts. And interestingly, each member of the band plays a key role – Waajeed, as a producer, shapes the band’s sonic palette; Tim K, who as a jazz-trained producer and composer, brings a melodic sensibility to the material; and Dede Reynolds, who as a vocalist claims French and Italian horror as her influences. 

“Snow Cold,” the latest single off their forthcoming Stay EP consists of stuttering synths and seductively cooed vocals just below an icy surface. And although some folks have compared their sound to that of Giorgio Moroder – and that’s not inaccurate either; their sound reminds me quite a bit more of the noirish singles on Little Boots‘ Nocturnes and a little bit of “No Turning Back” off Soft Metals’ excellent 2013 release, Lenses

The official video has some gorgeous visuals that fit the song – it documents the journey of a character from a parking garage to the seeming edge of civilization.