While on the road, Jeffrey Innes, the frontman of Yukon Blonde had an unsurprising excess of time and a sudden burst of creativity that prompted him to start writing material for what would end up being a solo, side project – High Ends. And the new project has Innes using analog synthesizers to craft an electronic-based sound that’s completely different than what Yukon Blonde fans would be familiar with. “Intoxicated,” the latest single off Innes’ debut effort, Super Class is a hazily hypnotic track comprised of layers of buzzing synths and subtly tribal drums that not only bears a dim resemblance to Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys, if they were to grab synths while evoking the sensation of actually being intoxicated – whether by drinking way too much or by the first throes of love.   

The official video, directed by Tyler Witzel employs the use of stop-motion Claymation and was deeply inspired by the aesthetics of the 70s Canadian National Film Board shorts. As Witzel has publicly mentioned “From that came this idea of a drunken visit to an art gallery where everything kind of looks like the inside of a person’s body.” So in some fashion it’s kind of gross and yet kind of fascinating to look at – while being whimsical and playful.