With the release of his debut, full-length effort, Kingdoms three years ago, the London, UK-based producer and electronic music artist Mike Greene, best known to fans as Fort Romeau has received international attention for a deep groove-based house music sound. And as expected for an artist, Greene’s sound has reportedly evolved as he’s released three breezy 12 inches, an EP and played a number of DJ sets across Europe. 

Greene’s much-anticipated sophomore effort, Insides, which Ghostly International will release on March 31 and the new effort is heavily influenced by his DJ sets. As Greene has mentioned in press notes, “Playing in those clubs definitely had an affect on how I approach composition and pacing. I want to allow things to breathe and develop gradually over longer track lengths, rather than cram everything into four or five minutes.” And as you’ll hear on the album’s latest single “Not A Word” with New Jackson, the track reveals an almost painterly approach – the track’s undulating synths slowly build up in intensity before hot flashes of cymbal and drums enter before being paired with vocals fed through layers upon layers of vocoder. By the bridge a cascading layer of synths are added to give the song a subtle cosmic glow. Much like Kraftwerk’s “Trans Europe Express” and “Autobahn” and The Chemical Brothers’ “Star Guitar,” “Not A Word” possess a sense of propulsive momentum – and evokes the sensation of being in a moving vehicle. 

Along with the release of “Not A Word,” Greene announced two East Coast live dates – March 20th at Good Room and March 21st at Boston’s Good Life. And he’ll be making appearances at SXSW. So if you dig this track, and he’s in your area, go out and catch him.