With the release of Innerpspeaker and his critically applauded sophomore effort Lonerism, which was a sonic and thematic departure from anything else he had worked on up until that point, Kevin Parker’s solo side project Tame Impala received both national attention in his native Australia and international attention.

Currents, Parker’s forthcoming and long-awaited third full-length effort was sketched out in planes, cars, hotels and several different homes after the completion of Lonerism and eventually finished in his Fremantle, West Australia home. Reportedly, the material on the album is inspired by the transitions in mindset, perspectives and relationships in Parker’s life in the seven years between the release of Lonerism and the completion of Currents. Whereas the album’s first (unofficial?) single “Let It Happen” was a breezy, synth-based psych pop that channeled Cut Copy’s In Ghost Colours, complete with an arena rock level bombast. “’Cause I’m a Man” is a slow-burning, sensual, seemingly old-school R&B-inspired track that expresses carnal desire, masculine vulnerability, regret and frailty with an unvarnished frankness. The song’s narrator simply points out that he’s only a man – and that his selfishness, thoughtlessness and bad behavior comes form a result of being human. But it also suggests that because of his awareness of his frailty, short-sightedness, selfishness and thoughtlessness that he could change; that he’s not a unrepentant reprobate but that he sometimes doesn’t listen to his conscience as much as he should.

The official video is a surreal Dali-esque type of video that manages to express the aching regret and loneliness at the heart of the song as you’ll see a male-like figure seemingly recognizing that he’s fucked up yet again.