With the release of their debut effort, Bloodstreams, the Brisbane, Australia-based duo of DZ Deathrays won the attention of bloggers and media outlets both in their native Australia and other places in the world, thanks to their debut effort’s brash, brutal sound. Their forthcoming sophomore effort, Northern Lights is slated for an early 2014 release, and from the album title track and first single (as well as video), “Northern Lights” shows a sonic progression for the band, as the track reveals the band using shimmering melody underneath the buzzing, arena-filling guitars and the larger-than-life swooning anthemic hook. In some way, it bears a dim similarity to Silversun Pickups

The official video, produced by animator Alex Grigg employs the use of CGI to turn the duo into strange alien-like creatures who warp everyday existence through their interaction with it. It’s trippy to watch, man.